Not a Tall Tale


‘The conservation status of seven of the currently IUCN-recognised nine giraffe subspecies has been assessed –five of these subspecies for the first time ever. For many, it comes as a shock that three of the giraffe subspecies are now listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ (Kordofan and Nubian giraffe) and ‘Endangered’ (Reticulated giraffe), while others range from ‘Vulnerable’ (Thornicroft’s and West African giraffe) to ‘Near Threatened’ (Rothschild’s giraffe). Only Angolan giraffe – with their stronghold in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe – seem to be out of trouble and are listed as ‘Least Concern’. Only the South African and Masai giraffe are yet to be assessed. While South African giraffe appear to be doing well, Masai giraffe have plummeted and will most likely be placed within one of the threatened categories of the IUCN Red List.’

– Giraffe Conservation Foundation


‘Not a Tall Tale’ is a documentary aiming to highlight issues of the conservation state of giraffes, species silently vanishing from our planet. The film is done in a reality-TV style in hope to captivate the attention of audiences not typically interested in purely environmental matters. It showcases images of giraffes from Schotia Private Game Reserve in South Africa with a commentary from one of the reserve’s rangers, Kurt von Maltitz, as well as a discussion with the conservationist Osiris Doumbe  about his work with ‘critically endangered’ Kordofan giraffes in Cameroon and Bristol’s local conservation initiative – Wild Place Project.

Not a Tall Tale: trailer

Not a Tall Tale: Giraffe Conservation Documentary

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