Wolf Watch UK Promotional Film

I’m glad to present this promotional film made for the wolf sanctuary Wolf Watch UK. The release of this film also marks the launch of my production entity Jackal Films aimed at creating conservation shorts and promos for environmental charities and NGOs. Check it out at www.jackalfilms.org

How to break into the wildlife filmmaking industry: Q&A

Q&A with students of MA wildlife documentary production at University of Salford on how to break into the natural history TV industry and what the role of a shooting researcher entails.

Check out other entries of my Play Wild vlog from the playlist above in which I share my industry tips and experiences.

Animal Watch: Belgian Mallinois, the canine supersoldier

Meet The Belgian Malinois – The Ultimate Super Soldier. Anneka meets James of Wolfstan Kennels and witnesses a mock raid on a terrorist cell which includes abseiling with dogs, multiple take downs and taking a hostage from a kidnapper.

Animal Watch – Protection Dogs

Anneka Svenska meets the WORLD’S DEADLIEST PROTECTION DOGS – Trained by world renowned Protection Dogs UK and experiences the CRUSHING BITE FORCE of a fully trained protection dog’s bite on her arm, as well as takes part in real life or death situations such as a cash point heist, home kidnap, car jacking and park robbery with small baby.

Cross-species pals: Zyzz the dog and Jojo the dolphin

New Animal Watch episode I edited for the Green World TV about Springer Spaniel called Zyzz and his best friends, a wild dolphin called Jo-Jo. They swim daily together and play in the water to the astonishment of the tourists. Most recently, Jo-Jo had a baby dolphin called Dreamer with a new female dolphin who swam into the area. Now all three dolphins swim playfully with Zyzz. Anneka flies to the Turks and Caicos Islands in order to meet Zyzz, Jo Jo and The Wake to Wake Boys who take Zyzz out daily with the dolphins.


Lady Nade: Heart of Mine (Acoustic)

A video of a live recording of the acoustic version of Heart of Mine that concludes our yearly collaboration with Lady Nade. We’re hoping to bring you more creative content in 2020. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Some Villains: Riot Song

As part of the shoot for the upcoming feature film Camerawoman, which I had a pleasure to co-shoot a scene for, the producer has put together this video for the new song of the band Some Villains, who performed in that scene.

Animal Watch: Anti Poaching Dogs

This was a very exciting episode of Animal Watch I had a chance to edit. Anneka visits Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya to meet 3 canine superheros – DIEGO the lethal man trained Malinois, OTIS the super tracker Bloodhound and DRUM the ultimate weapons tracker Springer Spaniel. All three dogs help to protect Ol Pejeta’s precious wildlife including the last 2 Northern White Rhino on Planet Earth. Watch as Diego brings a poacher crashing to the ground with his crushing bite that can break a man’s arm.

Ken Trowbridge Sings

Thinking of getting a showreel or a promo video of your musical performance? Autumn is a crucial time to secure bookings for the following year so don’t think too long. Get in touch to book a shoot, dates available from late November.

Here is promo made recently for Ken Trowbridge.