Earth Day 2019

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Here, a painting of Earth I included on the back of my sign for the Extinction Rebellion protest. Unfortunately, only Europe and Arctic made it to my planet. 😂

Make ‘Climate Change – The Facts’ your watch for today if you haven’t seen it yet. Very happy that more and more conservation messages are making it to the national television. 📺

I’m terms of green tips for today:
I’m about to pay the bills to Pure Planet which I’ve been using as a supplier for the last year for gas & electric – 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas. 🌍

Proud of my mate Aishah Masood who carried a reusable mug during our camping trip to grab takeaway coffees in.

Advised my other mate on using menstrual cup instead of tampons as a more environmentally friendly but also healthier option for the body compared to tampons.

Bracing myself for that trashtag on a walk next weekend and when I do it, I will make sure I will bring biodegradable bin bags with me, which I get at Better Food (alongside with my top ups of washing up and laundry liquids and unwrapped soap bars). I will probably take my doggy with me for that walk and of course that means our biodegradable, lavender scented poo bags. 💩

Finally, my housemate has just put the order through with Riverford for our local fruit and veg boxes that don’t come wrapped in so much plastic – although there is room for improvement with that occasional plastic bag for green beans or kale.

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