Adopt a giraffe for Christmas.


Christmas is coming and so is the Christmas presents’ frenzy. I have recently seen on one of my friend’s social media posts a fantastic guide to ethical hierarchy of gift purchasing. I found it being a great suggestion in current times of abundant waste and environmental crisis.


This is why, I wanted to suggest a giraffe adoption as a fantastic option for a Christmas gift! It’s something I did myself recently, when I’ve adopted lovely Kaoko – a dessert-dwelling giraffe. The programme is offered by the only NGO in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa – Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). You can choose either monthly or yearly payment plan as well as Explorer or Guardian programme which vary in rewards you get from it. If you choose the programme which I have chosen – the Explorer one, in your pack you will receive plenty of downloads, like stunning photos of giraffes, posters, fun fact sheets and your personalised adoption certificate.

In addition to that, on the adoption portal you can check quarterly updates, on how the giraffes the GCF is working with are doing.

This month International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed two subspecies of giraffe as ‘critically endangered’ on the Red List of Threatened Species, while others range from ‘endangered’ through ‘vulnerable’ to ‘near threatened’. Only two subspecies appear to be doing well and the last one is yet to be assessed. The numbers of giraffes decreased by almost 45% in the last 30 years so let’s stick our necks out for giraffes this Christmas and support their conservation.


If the idea of giraffe adoption doesn’t sound like something right up your street, you can also help GCF by either purchasing one of their fab Christmas jumpers or simply by donating.

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