World’s highest bridge bungee.

The moment in which you feel like it was a terrible decision and you really want to back off but you can’t anymore…

Oh sweet unawareness… I feel like it’s easier to find courage to face something new, something you don’t know what exactly it will be like. There is room for imagination.

I wanted to bungee jump for a really long time but instead of just going for a not so impressive crane somewhere in the city I was waiting for a more suitable in my opinion occasion. Thanks to Africa Media I had that opportunity. World’s highest bridge bungee with Face Adrenalin at 216 meters over Bloukrans River on the border between Western and Eastern Cape in South Africa seemed spectacular enough for my first jump… or shall I rather say fall.

The walk along the see through corridor gives you shivers, but it’s nothing compared to the moment you tip over the edge. At that point there is no return even though you really wish it was possible. For the first few seconds there is nothing, just you and the gravity and I found that absolutely terrifying. With the stretch of the cord comes the relief, you feel some support. Bouncing back and forth and spinning round is actually quite fun, gives you time to catch your breath. Finally the cord settles and you’re still for a few more way too long seconds and that’s when you feel the gravity working its way on you again. It feels like you’re about to slip out of the harness that holds your ankles and dive into another much scarier fall with no return at all. Then comes the man, the saviour, he lifts you up, blood flows out of your brain and back to your body and you feel overwhelming euphoria for quite some time.

I feel challenged to do it again. Maybe not anytime soon, but I feel I have to be able to face that sensation again and embrace it, ease into it. I want to be stronger after what hasn’t killed me. It was much easier to do it without knowing what this is really gonna feel like. Oh sweet unawareness…

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